IT Recycling made Simple

ITSource provides a turnkey solution for all retired or off lease IT related assets in order to maximize returns, while protecting the environment. As the premier leader in the IT asset recovery industry, ITSource offers state of the art processing that maintains the highest level of efficiency.
ITSource has developed an
unmatched business model to
manage the disposition of
the unused and/or
disposal IT equipment.
ITSource will
resell or recycle the
equipment offering a
win-win solution for

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The safeguarding and destruction of confidential information is crucial for all organizations. Therefore, ITSource offers services to destroy all data, programs, and operating systems residing on all types of electronic media. To further eliminate risk, ITSource ensures that all recycling is in compliance with HIPAA and EPA regulations. As evidence that your risk and liability have been relinquished, ITSource removes all asset tags, and provides you with a transfer of liability, and data destruction certificates.>read more

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